Last Friday Night

Last May I graduated from college and moved back home, which was a bit of an adjustment. The biggest challenge has been getting used to not having a group of friends to hang out with all the time like I had in college. I mean, I do have friends here, some great ones actually.  But some are older or married and others are scattered around Houston. I live just outside Houston, and some nights, I just don’t want to make the 30-40 minute drive into the city. I just want to have a chill, wine night close by. That’s how I felt last Friday, so I decided to call up my old friend Katy who was in town, and I’m SO glad I did!! I was expecting a relaxing night of chit-chat and banter, but MAN, it got CRaaAAzzZZZYY! And I even learned a few life lessons!

First, Katy came over to my house and it was JUST like old times. (She’s lives in Cali, but every time we see each other, it’s like we’ve never been apart!)

This is my friend Katy.  :)

We met at church camp when we were little and we’ve kept in touch all these years. Now she’s a singer and travels a lot, so when she’s in Texas, we always make time for each other to catch up.

Our night together started off calmly enough. First we took some classic webcam pics. Katy’s so silly!

Then she suggested we check out some of the local bars. At first I was all, nah, but eventually she talked me into it (by offering to get the first round, whatwhaaat!!)

She threw on her sexiest sweater dress, I tossed on my sequins & sparkles, and we headed over to my local, Moonlight Witch Hunt Cantina & Watershed. As promised, Katy got us some draaanks. After that, things got a bit hazy….

I remember we shared some drinks. I remember Katy hogged them, actually.

We did some dancing.

And we got wasted.

We even ate meat on a Friday during Lent!! At first, since I’m trying avoid the fiery pits of Hell, I resisted.

But you know what? Katy has a way of reminding me what living is all about. It’s about experiencing every moment, standing up when others are sitting, trusting that the jigsaw puzzle of life pieces together into a beautiful picture, and BELIEVING that YOU are the only one who can experience what it is to be YOU.

To be ALIVE means that you must be LIVING.


And it was delicious… ly SINFUL! That fajita chicken strip was so worth the eternal damnation I’m bound to face, because I lived in the moment.

You see, my friendship with Katy goes beyond just going out drinking. Sure, we have a blast together, but the bonds that hold our friendship together are so much stronger than that. Katy knows and gets my needs better than anyone. I LOVE her for it! Fun hangout buddies are great, but who needs a bunch of those when I have a true friend by my side? Friday night was the adventure of a lifetime. I wouldn’t trade it or Katy for anything.

OH but the night totally ended with Katy puking all over my shoe rack then passing out on the toilet LOL.

What a stupid skank!


2 thoughts on “Last Friday Night

  1. You are a crazy person, but I mean that in the best way possible. Enjoyed the Cracked article as well, hope you keep on condensing your crazy into words. (Also, I’m not a creeper because I am posting this at 3:01 am after work, while watching little bear; I’m a creeper because I am posting this at 3:01 am after work, watching little bear, while porn is loading in another tab).

    • Haha, thank you, Dwayne! Oh no worries, condensing my crazy into words is my favorite thing to do next to releasing my crazy on my poor friends.

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